Pump Track Pump Track We design, manufacture and ship a fantastic range of standard and bespoke pump tracks all around the world. Composite riding surfaces for all weathers and conditions combined with a range of frames to suit your budget. The tracks are extendable enabling the ayout to be changed to suit short term and long term requirements offering a progressive approach to track design and development.
Timber Tracks Timber Tracks Timber Tracks - Scalextric for cyclists, any shape, any size. Plastic coated boardwalk or smooth surface for scooters, skateboards and small wheels. Permanent or portable. Easily transported, stored and setup when and where you need it.
Features Features Our great range of features and equipment. Seesaws, kickers, ramps, rollers, skinnies and snakes. Portable or permanent for all wheels and all abilities. Ideal for BMX's, scooters and skateboards. Ideal for coaching, community areas and suitable for all ages and abilities.
Buy A Track Buy A Track We have been designing and building pump tracks for 10 years. From wood to composite all weather tracks that can be portable, modular or permanent. Standard or bespoke design specifically for you. All areas and all sizes. With tracks all around the world we can help with your project.





Hello and a big welcome to Bike Track People

We design, manufacture a great range of pump tracks, timber tracks and cycling features (jumps, ramps, kickers, whoops, snakes and skinnies).  The tracks and equipment can be permanent, portable, modular and extendable and are ideal for parks, recreational areas, schools, clubs, communities, companys or even a back yard or garden. Inside or outside, they are fun and challenging for all ages and abilities. Whether it is mountain bikes, jump bikes, trials bikes, kids bikes, scooters, rockers, BMX’s or even skateboards. You can race on them, teach on them or just have-a-go and have some fun.   

From our base in Scotland we ship tracks and equipment all over the world to schools, local authorities, charities, companies, communities and organisations.  These include PUMPT, Strider, Monster, councils & local authorities, Skyrides, British Cycling, Sustrans, alpine resorts, festivals, cycling organisations, museums and science centre’s.  If you would like further  information please take a look through the website or get in touch?

In addition to our great range of standard tracks and features we are happy to design and manufacture a bespoke track or feature to your requirements and specifications.  We have been designing, building and supplying pump tracks since 2009 and are happy to help with your project.  The tracks offer something interactive, new and exciting.

What We Do?

Anything and everything to do with permanent, modular, portable and extendable bike tracks, jumps, ramps and equipment.  Design, development, manufacturing and shipping worldwide of Pump Tracks, Timber Tracks, seesaws, half pipes, ramps and a whole host of other things. 

All the tracks and equipment can be either fully portable or permanent, weather proof, easy to assemble and can be loaded and transported. Layouts can be changed or extended offering a progressive and flexible cycling solution. We offer all ability tracks or specific racing and event tracks.  The tracks can be used to teach a youngster to ride a bike for the first time or to teach a good rider a few tips of how to get that extra .100th of a second.

 If you would like to know more please just get in touch via the contact page, email or like us on facebook and twitter.