Hello and welcome to Bike Track People’s blog page.

We are not all together sure what a blog is, however following a quick google, this is our interpretation. Any comments please contact Steven.

We thought we would start by telling you a bit about ourselves. We appreciate this isn’t the most ground breaking blog content but its a start.

Bike Track People have been in existence for about 6 years. In that time we have gone from not knowing what a pump track is to designing and building them on a regular and commercial basis and taking or supplying them around the world. The idea basically originated from a group of trail builders in the Tweed Valley (an area 25miles south of Edinburgh that is a bit a of mecca for mountain biking in the UK). The trail builders are called ‘trail fairies‘ and every 2nd week they repair or build trails at the two mountain biking centres in the Tweed Valley, namely Glentress and Innerleithen. Anyway to cut a long story short one of the trail fairies (Ben Wills) headed over to the Sunshine Coast just to the north of Vancouver to learn how things are done in Canada. As part of Ben’s education he along with the other students built a temporary pump track for the Vancouver Bike Show. This was the moment that the idea was firmly planted in to Ben’s head and from this point forward we can and do blame Ben for most things!

On return from his travels, Ben was Pump Track this and Pump Track that. Me (Rich) being an engineer thought, yeah we should give that a go. And so it started, all we needed was a disused car park, some timber and absolutely no idea about what we were doing. Hasten to say there was a lot of beer, whisky, head scratching and sketches which wouldn’t look out of place in a museum. People we had known for years suddenly became pump track experts and the reality of how to make a pump track that was portable, safe and rideable (secondary factors) let alone how to make one in the first place was to be realised. After several months, one happy timber supplier and lots (and lots) of bonfires this was the result.

Pump Track - Bike and Berms

Portable? of sorts! Safe? of sorts! Rideable? of sorts?

Fun? oh yeah!!!

We quickly discovered that a large landing area that we now know as a ‘safe fall zone’ was a must. The things you learn!

Pump track parties were born and out of the vast array of offcut timber and happy timber suppliers came a company by the name of Bikes and Berms or as it is known today Bike Track People. It is of course all Ben’s fault!

To be continued……