Kickers, Seesaws & Ramps: Hiring

Pump It Jump it Ride It!


The features range includes log rolls, rollers, seesaws, limbo bars, skinnies, snakes, kickers and ramps.  Our range of features and equipment are for all sizes of events, shows, companies, and schools.  We bring lots of equipment with us and along with the Bike Track People team to encourage and teach cycling, riding and just how to have fun on a bike.  We provide everything needed when hiring, including the features, all sizes of bikes, safety equipment (helmets etc.), full insurance, specific risk assessment, method statements, fully trained instructors and a professional, efficient and fun service.  All we need from you is the location and an area which can hilly, within trees or over rough ground.  We will provide a quote and once accepted we will provide layouts and marketing materials for you to promote the track at your event.  With your approval we will add the event to our online calender and promote the event on the website, facebook and twitter. We will ensure we are there early and will work hard to make your event as good as we can make it.  Just get in touch and we will get back to you with everything needed.  Prices start at £955+ VAT per day


Hire Requirements

We don’t have a minimum area for the features range, just let us know where you would like us to go and we will work out what is needed. We can setup inside or outside and on grass, tarmac or hard standing within woodland areas or even on hilly land where we use the land to integrate the features into.

With the flexibility of the features range we will work hard to make sure we meet your needs and requirements taking all safety, environmental and personal requirements into account.



Pump Track Trusted
BTP - Trusted

We regularly work with local authorities, national charities and agencies and directly with small communities and schools.  We would be happy to put you in touch with existing customers to make sure you have the confidence needed to hire our equipment and services.

In addition we can put you in touch with funding sources or provide information needed for funding applications.

The Bike Track People range of features include rollers, kickers, seesaws, tabletops, ramps, snakes, whoops, skinnies and limbos with a layout of your choice.  If you would like to hire our range of features for your event or would like to know more please get in touch via the contact page or Facebook and Twitter.