Kickers, Seesaws & Ramps : What Are They?

Pump It Jump It Ride It!


It dawned on us that not everybody has the area or the budget for a full track.  This got us thinking and we came with a pick’n’mix of great features and equipment that can be purchased individually or as a package.  The features are designed to be put in a back yard or garden and can be stored in a garage or small shed and even transported in a car or a small van.  They are super robust and just offer huge amounts of fun and big grins.  The range includes Limbo Bars that double up as a bunny hop bar, jumps, kickers, ramps, table tops, rollers, snakes, whoops and skinnie’s, the list goes on and on.  Put them all together and you have your very own cycling assault course.   You have to give a limbo bar competition on a bike a go?  Start with a small bike and work your way up.  They are as much for the adults as they are for the kids.

Fantastic and affordable for schools, clubs, communities, events and birthday parties.  Suitable for all bikes including disability bikes.  Take them anywhere, built to last you can even have your logo or photo on the side. head over to the ‘buy’ page or get in touch and we can ship these out to you in no time.



The features can be ridden by all ages and all abilities of rider.  They can be setup indoors or out and on grass, tarmac or gym halls.

They can be supplied with a low rolling resistance surface for small wheels (scooters, skateboards, roller skates) or boardwalk style for bikes of all kinds and sizes.  Just let us know what you would prefer?


Manufacturing kickers

The features and equipment are manufactured from plastic coated birch material and are weatherproof, lightweight and very robust.  They are made to be ridden and enjoyed.

They are fully portable to enable ease of transportation, storage and setup.

We are always designing new features and would welcome any ideas and challenges.

Ideal for clubs, schools, communities, events and especially a back garden. The features and equipment enable you to take a great cycling experience to the riders. The features can be used to help develop, educate and build confidence in any rider but above all they are about having fun on a bike.

If you would like to buy one or lots of our features or would like to know more, please get in touch via the contact page or Facebook and Twitter.