Kickers are about helping to propel the rider into the air i.e. kicking the rider. There are numerous designs which are based on whether you want to go up in the air i.e. for doing tricks or whether you want to go along i.e. for jumping. We call them ‘Uppies’ and ‘Longies’ and luckily for us they all need to be tested to ensure they work correctly.

Our range of ‘off the shelf’ kickers are designed to be used with the table top and down ramp or can be used where a natural down slope for landing is available. The kickers are 750mm wide x 1200mm long and 300mm high and are manufactured from phenolic coated birch to provide an excellent mix of durability, weight and weather resistance. They can be rolled over by novice riders and jumped over by competent riders, ideal for mountain bikes as well as BMX. The design incorporates a non-slip surface and is easily stored and transported.

Name: Kickers
AKA: ‘Uppies’ or ‘Longies’
Design: Bike Track People

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