What is a transition we hear you ask and why do you need one (or preferably two)?  A transition basically takes a rider from a flat surface (the ground or a flat section of track) to a berm (a banked bend).  To be more technical they take the rider from horizontal to 15, 30 or 45 degrees.  They are essential if you would like to have a berm as part of your features kit.

They are positioned at the end of the berm and you get a right transition and a left transition which means they go up on the right or up on the left.  For a berm we offer 1 right and 1 left which enables the rider to enter and exit the berm.  Hopefully this makes sense?  If not just get in touch and we will talk you through them.

Name: Transition
AKA: ermmm!  a transition
Design: Bike Track People

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