A what!  a whoop! not sure where the name came from but its what we call them.  a whoop is a series of small rollers where the rider pumps the bike through them to generate momentum and speed.  Its probably something to have a go of but once you know what to do it all becomes clear.  Its hard to imagine how much speed can be generated but they work really really well.

By using your body to absorb and compress the bike into the lower section of a whoop the rider picks up speed and generates forward momentum without the need for pedalling.  They demonstrate how upper body strength can be used to generate greater momentum and make an ideal addition to a skills area.

Whoops can be supplied at varying heights and widths to provide a progressive learning experience. The standard whoop is 750mm wide x 1500mm long and up to 150mm high. They are designed for ease of storage and handling and provide an excellent mix of durability, weight and weather resistance.

Name: Whoop
AKA: Whoopdy do!
Design: Bike Track People

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