Pump Tracks: Buying

Buying a Pump Track!

Pump tracks are new, fun, portable or permanent, robust, safe, modular, educational and best of all can be used by all types of bikes, scooters, skateboards and even the odd spacehopper.  They can be used by all abilities and all ages from 2 year olds to 102 years olds, 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers and even 4 wheelers, its hard not to enjoy a pump track.  Bike Track People portable and modular pump tracks can be setup at a host of different locations.  Schools, parks, playgrounds, community areas, sports halls, shopping centres, back yards and gardens, inside or outside.   They are a fantastic way to provide a safe and fun way of exercising or to learn and practice cycling and riding a bike.  Within a very short space of time skills such balance, bike handling, control and coordination can all be improved.  Once you know what to do, a track can be used for teaching, education and building confidence.   The fun doesn’t stop there we have provided tracks that are used for events and pump track parties.  Then there is pump track racing, which is ‘velodrome’ style where the riders start on opposite sides of the track and have to catch each other without pedaling!  Its fantastic fun and great to watch.



designed to meet your requirements

We will design a track to meet your requirements.  The configuration, height, width and length are all designed and manufactured to suit your area and your target riders.  We have standard designs or you can get involved in the design process and have your own bespoke track.  The tracks are designed to be transported and portable so they can be picked up and setup where you need them to be.  If you want one, but not sure what you need, don’t worry, we know pump tracks are new and not everybody knows what they should or can have, just let us do the work!

We would recommend a minimum area of 20m x 10m which can be inside or outside and on grass, tarmac or hard standing.

With the flexibility of the tracks we will work hard to make sure we meet your needs and requirements taking all safety, environmental and personal requirements into account.

In addition we can put you in touch with funding sources or provide information needed for funding applications.

Prices start from £9995 + Tax & Delivery



BTP - Construction

Bike Track People Pump Tracks are specially designed and developed to have an extremely low rolling resistance. They are manufactured from either plastic coated birch plywood or composite with a wood, steel or aluminium frame. They provide longevity and weather resistance.   The tracks are very robust and can be left in most weather conditions.  Our oldest tracks are now nine years old and other than some yearly maintenance they are still going strong.  Your track comes in sections which are all designed and manufactured to be portable and modular although they can be tied down if required.  They can lifted by two people and are easily transportable.  A wide range of colours are available with branding to meet you requirements.


A Bike Track People fully portable and modular pump track can include a range of berms interspersed with single rollers, woops and doubles. with a layout of your choice.  If you would like to buy a pump track or would just like to know more please get in touch via the contact page or Facebook and Twitter.