Pump Tracks

Welcome to our Pump Track section
Over the last three years we have been designing, building and promoting pump tracks.  If you are not sure what a pump track is, the information below will hopefully give you an insight.  As a summary, they are fun, can be ridden by anybody and by any age.  They don’t involve pedalling, but do involve using you body to create forward momentum.  You can learn on one, you can race on one and you can seriously improve your riding ability on one.  They are new, exciting and combine cycling with coordination, fitness, balance and control.

What we do?

in a nutshell we design, manufacture, supply or hire pump tracks.   The tracks are fully portable and designed for abilities.  They are great for clubs, councils, shows, schools, events and companies The aim is to get people on bikes and having fun.

Manufacture & Supply

At our manufacturing base at Innerleithen in the Scottish Borders we design using computer aided design and manufacture tracks of all size and shapes. You can have one of our off the shelf designs such as a PT3 below or we can design a track to suit your needs.  We ship tracks around the world or here in the UK.  Just get in touch and let us know what you need?









In addition we design natural, earth based pump track or bike parks incorporating pump tracks.  We would be pleased to provide a quote to design, develop and build a track or a park where you are.  Just get in touch?

Track hire or lease

You can hire a track from a half day to a week to a season.  We bring the tracks, the people, the bikes and the expertise, we just need a minimum area of around 16m x 7m.  If you would like to have a go or just want to know what they are or get a price, please give us a call or an e-mail.



A pump track is a continuous loop that can be ridden on a bike without pedalling. Tracks consist of a series of rolling bumps (rollers) and banked corners (berms) that allow the rider to gain momentum and reach speeds of up to 20mph! Basic pump tracks are an oval shape with a berm at each end and rollers in between to make the straights. More advanced pump tracks will be irregular shapes with lots of different lines and sections with several berms in a row or even rollers that can be jumped over.

Pump Tracks were originally developed by professional racers to improve their skills and overall racing times but now it has turned into a fun activity for anyone who can ride a bike to enjoy. It is a safe and fun way to exercise on your own or with friends.

p1010404A roller is a small mound that you ride over on a pump track. They vary in height and length depending on the track. Ideally you want rollers to be long and low so when you are travelling at speed over them you are able to maintain control. By using your body to absorb and compress the bike into the ground as you ride over the roller you can pick up speed. 







A berm is a curved bank of earth that allows you to maintain your speed while riding around a corner. The bank of the berm allows you to lean into the corner and maintain speed as your centre of gravity is over the wheels.

A pump track is about balance, control and momentum. With no peddling involved it is a safe and fun way to improve the ability of the rider. If you are thinking of hiring one for your event. The fun starts with tuition from one of the Bike Track People team, teaching the rider how to build momentum, maintain speed and control. This is followed by a ‘velodrome’ style pursuit race to see who can keep the speed. For those that know what they are doing we can operate a reverse pursuit where the object is not to catch the person in front, not as easy as it sounds and gets the mind thinking as well as improving rider ability. The emphasis is on having a go, having fun with a little bit of teaching thrown in.

We design, build or hire pump tracks for your community or your event. Just send us a mail with the details. Better still hold a pump track party and see for yourself?



Recent News

Designs for PT4 are in hand, the designs aren;t finished yet, but it looks great.

The season ahead is looking great with pump track days up and down the country.   Hope this good weather stays for a few months and look forward to seeing you at a track day.