What is a Pump Track?

A Pump Track

Good question!  A pump track is a continuous circuit that can be ridden on a bike without pedalling. The rider generates forward momentum over a series of rolling bumps (rollers) and through banked corners (berms). Sounds difficult? It’s not, they are new and fantastic for teaching and developing technique as well as head to head ‘velodrome style’ racing. They are fun, challenging, safe, energetic, cool and best of all can be ridden by all ages and abilities on most things with wheels.  If you haven’t had a go the best way to describe the pumping technique is similar to that of being on a swing.  How do you go higher and faster without somebody to push you? Remember moving your legs to make the swing move? Its the same on a bike, a little bit of technique and its amazing to see how fast and how far you can go without pedaling.  They are great for the brain as well the body.

Since 2009 we have been designing, manufacturing and perfecting modular and portable pump tracks. We have learned a thing or two in that time and now design and supply tracks all around the world.  The tracks look good and are an ideal way to promote cycling whilst helping to educate and develop rider technique and confidence whilst enabling pump track racing and a whole lot of fun to be had.  A track can be any shape or size with twists and turns, high and low rollers, whoops and doubles.  Best of all they are portable, modular and extendable, they can be used inside or out in gym halls, village halls, school playgrounds, parks, recreation areas, shopping centres and even back gardens.  Whether you’re a complete novice, a balance bike rider, a BMX’r, mountain biker, trials or a scooter rider it hard not to enjoy a pump track.


BTP Pump Track

Our tracks are designed and manufactured from our base in Scotland and are built from a range of wood, plastic aluminium, steel and GRP composite materials to provide a low rolling resistance combined with low weight, longevity and robustness. They are all weather and can be left outside or stored and setup inside.   With short setup times and ease of handling the tracks can be easily transported to schools, communities, shows and events.  A track can be branded to promote a club or a company with lots of options on colours and layouts.  Best of all you can add to the track with additional berms, rollers or features to make it more progressive as riders learn and develop.


Track Design

Pump tracks started out as a basic oval shape with a berm at each end and rollers in between. The rider develops the momentum on the rollers and aims to maintain that momentum in the berms.   Today a whole range of designs and layouts are available with lots of different lines and sections to enable the rider to generate speed and change direction whilst maintaining that momentum.  Differing heights and configuration of berms, rollers, doubles and whoops are all available. We can provide a standard layout or design to suit the area and configuration you have available.

When thinking about a pump track, Bike Track People work with you to show you what can be achieved and design a layout which suits your specific requirements (area, land, end user) and most of all the budget. The fully portable and modular tracks include varying degree and diameter of berms interspersed with rollers, tables and doubles.  Pump tracks have only been around for 9-10 years so don’t be afraid to ask a daft question, we are learning and developing everyday so if we don’t know we will go and find out.

If you would like to buy a pump track or would like to know more please get in touch via the Contact page or on Facebook and Twitter.