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A timber track is basically a scalextric for cycling with straights, bends, rollers, drops, twists, turns and ramps.  This means there can be lots of configurations and it is infinitely expandable.   Start off with a small track and then extend as riders progress or budget allows.  Sections can be used individually to create stand alone rollers, berms and ramps or put together to form a full track.  They are great fun and are exciting for all ages and abilities of rider with sections designed to be stacked, transported and handled easily.  Just lay the sections down and clip them together. They have capacity for lots of different layouts, configurations which means they can be setup in trees, un-even ground or within irregular shapes.  They emulate ‘northshore’ style trail which you might find in a mountain biking centre and offer a real experience.   Great for kids bikes, mountain bikes and BMX’s the timber track is a fantastic way to get riders to have-a-go and enjoy cycling in a safe environment.

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designed to meet your requirements

The configuration, height, width and length are all designed and manufactured to suit your needs and your riders.  We have standard designs or you can get involved in the design process and have your own bespoke track.  The tracks are designed to be transported and portable so they can be picked up and setup where you need them to be.  We provide lots of different layouts based on the number of sections you have and offer training on delivery so you know everything there is to know about your track.

The tracks can be setup inside or outside and on grass, tarmac or hard standing. A 20m x 10m track takes approximately 1 hour to setup and can be easily transported and stored.

With the flexibility of the tracks we will work hard to make sure we meet your needs and requirements taking all safety, environmental and personal requirements into account.

Not sure of the budget? we can put you in touch with funding sources or provide information needed for funding applications.



BTP - Construction

Bike Track People timber tracks are specially designed and developed to be robust, weather resistant and yet light enough to be easily transported.   They are manufactured from either plastic coated birch or sustainably sourced softwood which is coated to provide longevity and a slip resistant surface.    Your track comes in sections which are all designed and manufactured to be portable and modular although they can be fixed if required to make a semi-permanent or permanent track.  Just get in touch and we will guide you through the process.


A Bike Track People timber track can include a range of berms interspersed with ramps, rollers, bends, skinnies, twists and even rocks with a layout of your choice.  If you would like to buy a timber track or would just like to know more please get in touch via e-mail, the Contact page or Facebook and Twitter.