Timber Tracks: Hiring

Hire a Timber Track!

Why hire a timber track? Well where do we start, they are great fun and exciting for all ages and abilities of rider. The timber track provides a flexible system with capacity for lots of different layouts, configurations which means they can be setup in trees, un-even ground or within irregular areas.  The timber tracks have a flat riding surface which is ideal for small wheels such as scooters, skateboards and rockers as well as bikes.  The timber track can be longer than the standard pump tracks and therefore allows more riders at one time and a better throughput for your event.  Great for mountain bikes, BMX’s, skateboards and scooters, a timber track is a fantastic way to get riders to have-a-go and enjoy cycling in a safe environment.

When hiring a timber track we provide everything needed which includes a track, all sizes of bikes, safety equipment (helmets etc.), full insurance, specific risk assessment, method statements, fully trained instructors and a professional, efficient and fun service. All we need is the location and the area, we have set timber tracks up in city centre’s, forests, schools and shopping centre’s.  Once we know what you need we will provide a quote and if you are happy with it we will provide layouts for you to promote the track being at your event.  We will add the event to our online calender and promote it via our website, facebook and twitter.  We like to get as many people of all ages as we can to have-a-go and will promote the event as much as we can. Prices start from £1195 + VAT per day

The tracks are available to hire for one off events or lease for a season, just mail us or get in touch via the Contact page or Facebook and Twitter.we will give you a call back.