Timber Tracks: What Are They?

TT - What are they


Bike Track People timber tracks are also referred to as ‘northshore’ or ‘boardwalk’. They are a fully modular, permanent or portable which provide a real and exciting experience for all abilities and ages of cyclist. The track system incorporates a great range of bends, ramps, rollers, berms, drops, ups and downs which simply click together to make different track configurations within an area of your choice. Basically a full size scalextric’s set for cyclists.

The timber track arrives in 1m (blue grade) or .6m (red grade) wide and up to 1.2m long sections. They connect together to make a circuit. A track can have banked corners (berms) or flat bends and can be used indoor or outdoor and on a range of surfaces including grass, tarmac, hard standing, gym floors and wood. A timber track is ideal for undulating ground and can be used as separate features or as a circuit in woodlands or in open space.  The advantage of this track system is the small area needed to store and transport the sections of the track.


BTP Timber Track

A track can be designed and manufactured to fit most areas and can be any length and configuration.

The tracks aren’t suitable for skateboards or scooters but are ideal for BMX and mountain bikes and are suitable for all sizes of bikes.


Timber Track Construction

Our timber tracks are manufactured from either robust plastic coated material or locally sourced and sustainable timber and incorporate a non-slip surface to enable use in most weathers.

They can be either fully portable or permanent.

Ideal for clubs, schools, communities, events or even a back garden. A timber track enables you to take a great cycling experience to the riders. The track can help develop, educate and build confidence in any rider but above all they are about having fun on a bike.

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